Chocolate, cake pops, jelly beans, and less toothsome items…

Since we value making our designs readily available, Kiwi Fur sells free apps on a variety of platforms. Since we also value having enough money to buy ramen, however, Kiwi Fur sells a variety of other goods as well, many of which are utilitarian but some of which are just stickers (still useful, but not a suitable replacement for duct tape. We… we sorta found this out the hard way.) Also, as a side note, a few products in some of our shops may be similar to products in our other shops as well as slightly less expensive as a way to reward comparison shoppers.
We sell books through Blurb and candy, cases, decor, and more on Zazzle, a third party manufacturer that unfortunately only sells small quantities of candy (unless you buy in bulk) but still, candy. The one awkward thing about Zazzle is that our products are tagged as being intended for either a male or female audience, but Kiwi Fur is not judgmental and we’ll love you forever if you buy anything regardless of gender. (Should you have a crippling fear of hyperlinks for some reason, you can find Kiwi Fur at We also sell toys and accessories on CafePress, including jewelry for those of you who are like us and have bower bird-levels of adoration for shiny objects. 

More traditionally, we sell prints, t-shirts, and stickers on Redbubble and we have a broader selection of print sizes on BoomBoom Prints; supposedly, galleries that sell more than prints have sacrificed their souls to the dark, malodorous demon of commercialism, but our director has to pay for college (seriously so expensive you guys!) and we really don’t care at this point.  (Don’t forget that we’ll love you forever if you buy anything, but don’t feel pressure since we know the feeling of being starving artists too.) Additionally, we sell clothing on Spreadshirt, including knarly tie dye t-shirts. (Is that what you hipsters say these days? Hmmm…) We also offer seasonal collections for the more fashion-inclined.
Finally, as a side note, should the sheen wear off any of our stylish products, many of these retailers have reliable return policies. Please contact us via the comments section for more specific requests for prints, products, etc.