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Salutations! I, RJ, am the only writer working for Kiwi Fur right now, so this page is currently about just my work. So, this is your chance to get out now if you’ve been acquainted with my prose before! We sell candy through the shop page. *Waits, assumes the rest of you are staying*
Although I write a smattering of poetry (a bit of which can be found on Redbubble), most of my work consists of children’s books. A few illustrations for my personal projects can be found on my illustrations page; one of these projects, Los monstruos de la noche, is admittedly less polished than my other projects due to originating as a school assignment from when I was younger, but the teddy bear illustration from this story was too cute to entirely excise. The full layout for this book can be found by clicking the green link above or the cover design below.

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