Mediums: Color photography, snow
Comments from the artist responsible for this travesty: The works in this gallery attempt to capture both the might and ephemerality of winter, to encapsulate both its fury and its glimmering splendor. This is a rather long way of saying that I hope you appreciate the effort required to get a picture of my dog standing still (seriously so bad, you guys! It’s like the twelfth labor of Hercules only with 1/3 the heads and all the time). I do really like the leading lines in Blue Merle, though, so I assume that getting snow pawed all over me was totally worth it (not at all). Blue Merle is also a stealth pun, as those of you out there who like Aussies may recognize, so that was most definitely worth the five seconds it took me to recolor this. Also, as a side note, the image quality in some of these designs is lower since I wanted these images to really capture the feeling in each of these scenarios; the noise seems to better mimic the blur of rain or sleet (and also the sensation of being pummeled by dog feet).
These designs are also available on Redbubble and Zazzle.