Prismatic Phantasms

Medium: Color photography
Comments from the artist responsible for this travesty: It has been said that what one sees through a kaleidoscope is always ephemeral; with just a twirl of the wrist, the pattern is gone and a new one emerges. I set out to freeze these moments in time, to capture these phantasms of color and light. Does that sound artistic? I hope so. I haven’t put this much effort into manufacturing bathetic verbiage since I quit poetry slams. Anyway, all of these images were taken through a kaleidoscope I made when I was a kid (a kaleidoscope is really pretty simple, basically just three long mirrors arranged to form a triangle inside a tube) and filled with confetti, meaning that there is actually a practical use for confetti, although ‘practical’ may admittedly be a strong word in this case.
These designs are also available on Redbubble and Zazzle.