Mediums: Watercolor, ink, watercolor pencil, salt, plastic wrap
Comments from the artist responsible for this travesty:¬†First, about the plastic wrap. As it turns out, bunching up plastic wrap on wet watercolor paint creates an interesting textured look as seen on the trunk of the apple tree in the piece entitled ‘Apple Tree.’ Creative, I know. The title, not the technique (really, who doesn’t go through life thinking, I wonder how plastic wrap would help me right now?) The leaves in this piece were painted using a sponge brush, which is basically a sponge on a stick but does create a wonderful airy effect, somewhat similar to the effect achieved by the mini bellows used for the sand in the whale painting. As for the salt, well, the salt was just for the exorcism. Kidding! It was actually used to create a brightening effect as the paint dried. Siggy is still the same, though, if you’re wondering how the exorcism went.
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