Book Illustrations

Mediums: Watercolor, water-soluble ink, colored pencil
Comments from the artist responsible for this travesty: Los monstruos de la noche is a darkly whimsical Spanish children’s book about a boy who overcomes his fear of several fantastical monsters; the teddy illustration in this series is from this story, which you can also find out more about on our books page. North of the North Star is a different storybook project I am currently undertaking. As mentioned on Kiwi Fur’s homepage, North of the North Star is a fairy tale told entirely in verse. I’m still not entirely sure why I did this, since, although it does lend a sort of epic poem vibe, it took me about five hours straight to perfect the rhyme scheme, at the end of which time I was questioning my sanity. (My sanity pled the Fifth, in case you’re wondering.) In any case, I did strive diligently to mirror the mood of classic fairy tales. The accompanying illustrations mimic the intricacy of medieval illuminated manuscripts, and the story as a whole contains many traditional narrative motifs, such as a princess being rescued, curses, dragons, sorceresses, handsome-yet-emotionally-distant knights, all that jazz. I hope to have more information on the availability of this book once the design is finalized!
These designs are also available on Redbubble and Zazzle.