Mediums: Oil pastel, charcoal, chalk pastel, acrylics, colored pencils, watercolors, graphite, oil paint
Comments from the artist responsible for this travesty: These works each contain a common thread of surreal or fantastical elements, as you know if you follow Kiwi Fur on Pinterest (which you should, we have both cake and stickers!) Anyway, this is one of my series that has puppies in it, so that should add at least a bit of redeeming value to the overall slight disorganization. There is also a pretty adorable snapping turtle; I never knew how cute snapping turtles were before they reached finger-chomping size until I saw one at a zoo. Of course, the first thing it did was instinctively lunge at me and try to eat me through the glass, so maybe snapping turtles are just naturally cantankerous.
These designs are also available on Redbubble and Zazzle.