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Kiwi Fur employs several eccentric individuals, including an Australian Shepherd dog named Siggy. (He is not officially an employee, though, for tax reasons.) As far as leadership goes, there is our CEO/director/tyrannical watercolorist, which would be me (hello!). My name is RJ Happel, and I am a freelance artist and, as previously mentioned, overlord of Kiwi Fur, an independent gallery of digital art, metalpoint sketches, oil paintings, watercolors, and more. Kiwi Fur’s logo is an anthropomorphic kiwi fruit, and the name is inspired by the fuzzy outside of these fruits, not by the bird as some people guess. (Kiwi birds actually have feathers rather than fur; they do look kind of furry, though.) I strive to see the world through a more eccentric lens, and my mission, essentially, is to make the world a bit more quirky and creative than I found it. I would love for visitors to share their thoughts on the designs displayed on this site; also, please consider purchasing one of Kiwi Fur’s stylish prints, candy, or garments!
Aside from my writing and sketches, my interests include 19th century whaling, telomerase function, string theory, obscure WWII history, and Victorian slang. I… I have somewhat eclectic tastes. Strange, even, one might say. This might be partly because I’ve lived in quite a few different places; I went to elementary school in Washington, junior high in North Carolina, high school in Tennessee, and I am currently an honors student at Fordham University. Really, art has been one of the few constants in my life. Without sounding too histrionic (hopefully), art was one of the few things I could count one as my identity shifted from being a quasi-hipster living in Seattle to a mountain girl living in Appalachia to… there isn’t a stereotype for eastern Tennessee, really. Huh. Anyway, I am technically a Southern girl but more in a geographical sense than in a belle sense as, admittedly, apple butter is about all I’ve gleaned from Appalachian culture. I still feel entitled to say y’all occasionally, though.
I guess I’ve coughed up enough of my life story for one page, but if you have any questions, comments, concerns, interesting Victorian slang, etc. please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Y’all come back real soon, you hear?