Each of these galleries represents a series of works available as prints or reproduced on other goods. A more complete gallery is included in the green hyperlinks. In addition to photography, this collection also includes works that were completely or primarily computer generated. Let us know what you think in the comments and, if you are so inclined, please visit our shop for more information on purchasing these designs!

Prismatic Phantasms:

These images were all taken through a kaleidoscope, purely to spite people who think that you can’t take pictures through kaleidoscopes. As a superfluous aside, I (Kiwi Fur’s resident mad tinkerer) made this kaleidoscope by hand in third grade, because our teacher wanted us to learn about the reflective properties of light, or tessellations or something? I’m still not entirely sure why we did this. (But it was because shiny. Shiny overrides all other concerns.)


This photo series attempts to capture both the beauty and ephemerality of winter, with an emphasis on ephemerality since we hate the cold. Many of these works have a nice chiaroscuro effect, however, and there are also puppies. (Puppies are kinda our leitmotif, if you hadn’t already noticed.)

Midsummer Moonshine:

This series attempts to capture the rustic, almost mystical feeling of an Appalachian summer. There sadly isn’t a dragon since the dragons in this region tend to estivate during the summer months, and, additionally, these works branch out even more from our traditional subjects by including wildflowers, trees, puppies, thunderstorms, and puppies. Actually, hmmm…


The works in this series attempt to capture the amorphous spirit of inspiration, or possibly the amorphous spirit of something completely different as this collection evolves (i.e. as we actually put effort into it).





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