Living in Ink

Mediums: Ink, watercolor, digital processing, acrylic paint (for chop stamp; less traditional)

Comments from the artist responsible for this travesty: As noted elsewhere, Kiwi Fur purveys a book titled Living in Ink featuring original haiku as well as a few works in this series. In addition to haiku not featured here, this book contains a bit more extensive look into sumi-e as an art form, and helps to explain the admittedly odd title of this series. Basically, this title reflects the power that these relatively sparse compositions have to convey the attitudes of the living form, sometimes much more powerfully than do more intricate designs. This is what I would describe as ‘punchy’ and someone smarter than me would describe as the implicative power of minimalism. This gallery includes ink paintings inspired partly by traditional sumi-e as well as by other art forms; the puppy, for example, was painted in a more abstracted style using a mini bellows. The sumi-e works featured in this gallery, on the other hand, although not painted using traditional pigments, use many of the brushstrokes of traditional Asian brush painting. Although these works are eclectic in subject matter, they are bound together by their vivacity; with a few brushstrokes, a bird, an orchid, or a dragon springs to life. Sadly, most of these dragons have now escaped, but I trust that they have found a better home, or at least one with better food.

These designs are also available on Redbubble and Zazzle.

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